Plantronics VistaPlus AP15 Audio Processor



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Plantronics VistaPlus AP15 Audio Processor – Crystal-clear conversations for contact center professionals
Delivering the clearest audio through AudioIQ®s DSP-powered multiband compression, noise and echo reduction algorithms, the VistaPlus AP15 is specifically designed for contact centers that require the highest audio accuracy and clarity. The AP15 optimizes the audio quality of phone calls, compensating for degraded signal quality, reducing noise levels in the call and keeping calls at a consistent and comfortable listening level. Echo cancellation ensures superior sound even on VoIP systems.

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Product Description

The Plantronics VistaPlus AP15 Audio Processor delivers:

  • Audio accuracy.
    Through DSP-based multiband compression technology, the VistaPlus AP15 improves call intelligibility by correcting for signal loss anywhere in the bandwidth.
  • Comfortable listening.
    AudioIQ ensures consistent, comfortable listening, automatically adjusting the fluctuating noise levels of incoming calls to the user-specified preference and protecting against sudden loud noises on the incoming phone line, such as fax tones or whistle blasts.
  • Background noise compensation.
    The Plantronics AP15 automatically adjusts to compensate for varying levels of background noise throughout the day, delivering clearer audio even in a noisy contact center.
  • Noise reduction.
    AudioIQ reduces both incoming line noise when the agent is talking and background noise when the agent is listening.
  • Echo canceller.
    Outstanding echo cancellation ensures great audio even on VoIP systems.
  • Convenient usability.
    VistaPlus AP15 provides one-button selection for mute, headset or handset and separate controls for adjusting incoming and outgoing volume.
  • Flexible design.
    The audio processor is compatible with both single- and multi-line phones and can be powered on agents’ PCs if a wall outlet is unavailable. Since the AP15 works with all Plantronics professional corded headsets, it provides the flexibility to choose your preferred headset.

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